The Oak Nature Trail

The Oak Nature Trail is an easy 1.6 mile walk on a Folsom Lake Peninsula. You can find detailed information about the Oak Nature Trail on TripAdvisor.

Here are a couple more tips:

  • If anyone in your group gets car sick, you may want to skip this trail. The roads to get there are quite windy.
  • A day trip to this trail may not be worth the drive, but it’s part of the Peninsula Campground that looks like a nice place to stay a couple nights.
  • You get to the trail from Rattlesnake Bar Road in Pilot Hill. The Oh Ranger website has directions from Highway 80 and Highway 50.
  • If you are just going there for The Oak Nature Trail, drive into the park and drive past the first road that leads to the first boat ramp (don’t turn right; just keep going). Actually, you may want to drive into the boat ramp parking to use the nicer restroom first. But the beginning of the trail is past the boat ramp, in the parking area next to to the blue porta-potty.
The Oak Nature Trail parking
Drive past the first boat ramp parking lot until you see the blue porta potty.
The Oak Nature Trail Beginning
Here is the beginning of the Oak Nature Trail
The Oak Nature Trail View
One of the many beautiful views of Folsom Lake from the Oak Nature Trail (during a drought year)