Featured Free Activities

Apple Hill

A Sacramento tradition is to visit Apple Hill each harvest season in the fall. In addition to apples, farms provide Christmas trees, wine, crafts, food, and family fun. For more information, visit the Apple Hill Growers Association. photo credit: Gonmi

Roseville Dog Parks

The city of Roseville does not allow dogs (even on leashes) in “developed” parks, but the city does provide some off-leash dog parks. For more information, visit Roseville Dog Parks.  photo credit: Lou Coty

Village Park

Village Park is nestled in the middle of Old Town Fair Oaks where wild chicken roam freely. A fun thing to do with kids is to get a bag of feed from the nearby Oaks Hardware store and then walk over to Village Park to feed the chicken. Visit the Fair Oaks Parks and Rec website […]

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Featured Historical Places

Sacramento China Town Mall

The Historic Sacramento Chinatown area was populated by Chinese immigrants during the Sacramento Gold Rush. For more information, visit Sacramento’s Chinatown Mall. photo credit: clifnotes

Folsom Lake Mormon Island

When the Folsom lake water elevation gets low enough (water elevation below 375 feet, or so), you can see remnants of Mormon Island, the once thriving gold mining town that was covered with water when the Folsom Dam was built in the 1950s. To get to the area, go to the Brown’s Ravine entrance to Folsom […]

Sutter’s Fort

Sutter’s Fort State Historical Park is a Sacramento Historical Site in the heart of Sacramento and is the oldest restored fort in the United States. For more information, visit Sutter’s Fort SHP.

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